What Causes Adductor Tendinitis?

Posted by on 2/2/2018 to Hip Pain
What Causes Adductor Tendinitis?
The most common cause of adductor tendon inflammation is from overuse. It results from repetitive stress placed on your adductor muscles and tendons during active sports (especially when running, kicking, twisting, or side-stepping). 

Results of a sudden fall or direct hit, and/or overexerting yourself in everyday activities that involve twisting or lifting heavy objects while bending or running on an unstable surface (like grass or mud) are other leading catalysts. 

Athletes in sports such as football, hockey and athletics (particularly sprinters, hurdlers, and long jumpers), skiing, horse riding and gymnastics, have a relatively high prevalence of adductor tendonitis.

An effective option to help in the prevention of injuring the adductor tendons is by utilizing diathermy treatments such as the Back/Hip T-Shellz Wrap. The T-Shellz wrap not only helps to keep the tendon tissue more extensible (lessening the chances of straining/tearing of the tissues) - but the enhanced blood flow is to critical in terms of rebuilding the damaged tissue leading into the tendinitis and tendonosis.