The Real Truth About Tendon Pain

Posted by on 11/10/2017 to Inflammation
The Real Truth About Tendon Pain
Inflammation is not the most common cause of tendon pain. Rather, many small (micro) tears in the connective tissue around the tendon is the more common cause of tendon pain; this condition is termed as tendonosis.

Unfortunately, most diagnoses of tendon ailments classify them as tendonitis - when in fact the individual more likely than not is dealing with tendonosis.

The treatment approaches vary greatly. With tendonitis, a focus on rest, icing, and suppression of inflammation is the strategy. In cases of tendonosis, the condition involves breakdown of the tendon tissue - therefore a focus on enhancing blood flow to the tendon to rebuild and remodel is the key.

The following article discusses the approach to take to obtain a proper diagnosis and the first steps to take if you determine are suffering from tendonosis.