My Review For the Leg T Shellz Wrap - a Wonderful Investment

Posted by on 11/11/2019 to Leg-Arm T Shellz Wrap Reviews
My Review For the Leg T Shellz Wrap - a Wonderful Investment
Aileen from Arizona provide a great overview on her experience with the Leg-Arm T Shellz Wrap. Aileen has been battling am injury off and on for around 5 years now. She is finally seeing some sustainable improvement thanks to the Leg Arm T Shellz Wrap.

"It has worked amazing for me so far and I’ve realized quite the change. Typically after an intense workout my hamstrings become very stiff and it makes it very uncomfortable for me to move." 

"I began using the T shellz wrap before and after workouts and I no longer had a stiff feeling! You have to understand the relief as I’ve been dealing with this injury for five years, initially I had no idea, until it progressed and I realized the stiffness in my leg wasn’t due to being sore. 

"I’m 100% positive it’s due to the T shellz wrap, one reason being that I would move it around to my lower hamstring near my knee, and then my upper hamstring. I definitely realized I missed my lower butt as this was the only spot left stiff because your product wasn’t used. Needless to say I love this!" 

"My active movement sessions were expensive, I absolutely hate stretching because of how uncomfortably stiff I was, working out was no longer fun because I couldn’t push as much as I wanted. Which was a big heart breaker because every time I was in my mojo to go to the gym my progress would just slump right back down because I had to focus on “recovering” my leg." 

"Thank you! This is the best investment I’ve made."

Aileen from Arizona

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