More Than Satisfied With Back-Hip T Shellz

Posted by on 4/12/2019 to Back and Hip T Shellz Wrap Reviews
More Than Satisfied With Back-Hip T Shellz
"I need to explain that I am one of the world's greatest skeptics. I have dealt with this pain for so long that I had, literally, given up any hope and was anticipating to request a refund after about six weeks." 

"Well it has been about two weeks since I received the Back-Hip T-Shellz Wrap and the change has been amazing."
"The back pain is all but gone and the hip pain diminished considerably. Before I was having a heck of a time driving as the back pain made it very difficult - that is gone. The hip only bothers me during the night, but not as severely as before I fully expect that will soon be gone as well." 

"I use the unit about three times a day - some days only two - following your suggestion of 20 minutes on the back and 10 minutes on the hip. I am more than satisfied with the T-Shellz. and you can rest assured I will not be requesting a refund."

Robert from Arizona

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