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  • Fast and Effective Relief For Sore and Aching Feet
  • Relief From Dry and Chafing Skin on Your Foot or Ankle
  • Penetrates Deeply and Quickly Absorbs
  • Made in the U.S.A. at an FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility
  • Each Jar Contains 3 Ounces of Cream (85 grams)

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Are sore and aching feet affecting your ability to work? Do you find yourself limited in the number of sports you can play or activities you can engage in because of sore feet? If so, you are not alone.

A leading medical association has reported that 8 out 10 Americans will experience more than moderate foot soreness at some point during their lives. In addition, it is reported that those who deal with aching feet are significantly more likely to have pain in other parts of the body (primary due to overcompensation factors).

The feet are the a critical part of the body's foundation, so it is important to make sure your feet are kept healthy and soreness-free!

All of these facts led us to contemplate a solution to help people overcome the aggravation of sore and tired feet. In addition, we receive a steady stream of contacts from current and prospective customers, asking us what can be done to help with their aching feet issues. Questions such as:

"I have had bad feet most of life and I find it hard to walk around for moderate periods of time. Is there anything you have that will make walking a little more bearable and help with the dry and chafed skin?"

"My spouse works on their feet all day and are always complaining about their feet when they arrive home. What can I do to help them?"

"My feet are so sore after a round of golf and after I play tennis, is there something I can apply easily and quickly to get rid of the soreness?"

Well, we took those requests to heart and came up with what we believe is a fantastic solution called the MendMeShop Sore Feet Compound. 

A soothing and paraben-free topical cream, it is designed to refresh and renew your dry, sore, and aching feet. Application is quick and easy, providing fast relief from the demands and stresses placed on your feet on a daily basis.

Simply apply the MendMeShop Sore Feet Compound and moments later, you will experience a soothing and comforting sensation over the foot. Feel that pain and discomfort get whisked away in rather quick fashion.

Made in the USA at a top FDA registered manufacturing facility, you can be assured that the MendMeShop Sore Feet Compound is safe and effective. Expect the same high quality that our customers have been accustomed to since 2005.

The unique formula is the perfect balance between the smooth application of a cream and the effective absorbing factor of a gel. It is not too thick and not too thin - just the right texture. It feels very nice on the skin! 

If you suffer from constantly sore and aching fee, we are certain this will become something you will not want to live without!

Who Can Benefit Most From Using Our Unique Sore Feet Compound?

Truthfully, anyone dealing sore and aching feet on a regular basis will benefit. Anyone who is contending with dry, cracking, and chafing skin on the foot or ankle will also benefit. This applies to a large percentage of the population.

In saying that, there are individuals in specific jobs and individuals who engage in specific sports/activities who should strongly consider using the MendMeShop Sore Feet Compound.

Construction, Restaurant, Warehouse, Retail, and Factory Workers: All of these jobs involve long periods of standing or walking, so do your feet a favor at the end of the day and apply a quick treatment to ease the aches and inflammation that accumulate during the work day.

Runners: No matter if you are pounding the pavement, running on a track, or out in nature - your feet pay a heavy price after a good run.

Wearers of High-Heel Shoes: After a day at the office or a night on the town, you know how sore your feet feel. Use  Sarsaparilla Infusion before and after work or play to help moderate the discomfort your feet typically experience.

Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts: Your feet take a pounding while hiking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, etc. Not only that, they get exposed to all types of environments from wet grounds to hot and humid conditions. Apply a treatment after a day in the outdoors and beyond to help bring your feet back to a state of comfort - less soreness and a soothing sensation to the skin.

Walkers and Exercise Fanatics:  Don't let sore feet stop you from engaging in your daily walk or regular workout routine.

The MendMeShop Sore Feet Compound formula is based on a combination of scientific research and the use of high quality ingredients. The properties within the formula were chosen for their ability to soothe aching and sore feet while nourishing the skin with key nutrients to retain health.

The acting ingredients within the formula include ones many of us are familiar with; along with ones that have not received a lot of publicity (only in research circles). Extensive testing resulted in a blending of ingredients that provides the most synergistic of benefits.

The notable ingredients in the special formula include:

Sarsaparilla - contains a significant number of plant-based properties calls saponins, designed to help alleviate aches, soreness, and inflammation.

Ilex Leaf Extract - increases circulation while conditioning the skin.

Pro Vitamin B5 - acts as a skin protector with modest anti-inflammatory benefits.

Shea Butter - has a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids to help soften skin. Also contains modest anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Arnica Montana - a powerful anti-inflammatory which can help speed recovery and enhance circulation. 

Willow Bark Extract - a natural exfoliant that also contains anti-inflammatory properties called flavonoids.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) - enhances the penetration of the ingredients within the Sarsaparilla Infusion formula

Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil - rich in fatty acids, an excellent skin moisturizer.

Aloe - known for its anti-inflammatory properties and skin soothing abilities.

Jojoba Oil - helps tame chafing and chapping of skin while also providing some inflammation relieving benefits.

Spearmint Oil - multi-purpose benefits and high in antioxidants.

Peppermint Oil - a nice cool and invigorating sensation which also provides some pain relieving benefits.

Vitamin E - provides anti-inflammatory benefits, enhances circulation, and hydrates the skin

Extensive quality control procedures during the manufacturing process ensure the ingredients are both safe and effective. We would not stake our reputation on anything but the best.

When Do I Apply The Sore Feet Compound?

Before Bed; if your feet are sore and tired at the end of the day, the MendMeShop Sore Feet Compound will provide the comfort and soothing factor your feet desire.

While At Work; apply Sarsaparilla Infusion at work to help reduce acute foot discomfort associated with walking or standing for extended periods of time. Apply a quick application while on break or during lunch. 

After Work, Sports, or Activity; mild, moderate, and heavy activity levels can all induce sore and aching feet. After activity, application of Sarsaparilla Infusion will bring about quick relief for inflamed feet and also help soothe dry and cracking skin (which can result from usage of certain footwear in combination with stresses on the feet).

Chronic Foot Pain Suffers; MendMeShop Sore Feet Compound is safe to apply on a regular basis for those with chronic foot pain symptoms associated with muscle and connective tissue problems.

Upon Awakening; Some people start off their day with a light application to help their feet meet the stresses of the day.

In-between Treatments With the Plantar or Sesamoid T-Shellz Wraps; Combine the pain relieving benefits of our special Sore Feet Compound along with the healing benefits of the T- Shellz wraps to make your recovery go much more smoothly.

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