MendMeShop's Knee Support and Compression Sleeve - Large

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In Stock. Firm Support. Reduce Discomfort and Swelling.
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  • Knee Support & Compression Sleeve:Recover Faster with greater support surrounding the joint
  • Increase Circulation & Blood Flow
  • Please note: Only Available for our U.S. based customers
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MendMeShop's Knee Support and Compression Sleeve

Design Features

  • Non slip grip gel to keep the brace in place

  • No chaffing

  • Four way stretch knitting to prevent stretching out after wearing

  • Quick dry fabric

  • Breathable fabric

  • Graduated compression 

DESIGNED FOR Performance, Durability, Mobility
  • Relieves Pain & Sore Muscles

  • Recover Faster 

  • Perform Better with Greater Stamina

  • Soothe and comfort

  • Reduce chances of injury or risk of further damage. 

  • Greater sense of joint stability (proprioception)

  • Promote mobility

  • Improvement in gait parameters 

  • Adds warmth to the knee joint

  • Reduce knee adduction angles, moments and impulse in subjects with knee osteoarthritis

Stabilizing relief for Meniscus tears, ACL, MCL injuries, Osteo-Arthritis

Maintain stability during running walking or workouts 

  • The MendMeShop Knee Compression Sleeve is made by an experienced team who understand what customers are looking for when choosing their compression apparel. The MendMeShop compression and stability Knee Sleeve provides all day support, without compromising comfort.

  • Designed to be worn easily under clothes with intricate four-way stitching to ensure the knee sleeve does not stretch, move out of place or dig in to your leg, when placed correctly on the knee. The sleeve is so lightweight, you can easily wear it all day and the breathable blend of Nylon, Elastone and Spandex  ensures added comfort with first class durability.  The compression sleeve will move easily with your body with no stiffness in the sleeve itself despite being compression apparel. The sleeve is designed not to chafe the skin and reduce stiffness, swelling, and inflammation in the joint. You should maintain a full range of motion while wearing the sleeve due to its flexibility. The sleeve won’t stretch after a few wears so guarantee you value for your money. 

  • This MendMeShop compression sleeve is a life changer for those suffering from a variety of conditions affecting the stability of the knee and the knee joint. MendMeShop’s Knee Sleeve may also provide support for runners or walkers looking for a preventative tool to support their exercise routine. Imagine practicing sports and enjoying an active life with minimal pain in your pain joint and without the need to take pain medication as your knee is supported using the compression sleeve. 

  • MendMeShops ’s Compression Knee Sleeve is designed to give you added confidence in your body while preventing infuriating injuries such a ligament tears and inflammation as well as stabilizing osteo-arthritis. Some of these injuries can have a devastating impact on people’s lives, including having to undergo invasive surgery and loss of mobility. Imagine having the piece of mind that you are supporting your knee while still enjoying your daily life, active lifestyle and sports. 

At MendMeShop we pride ourselves on our customer service. With years of experience in business, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge that we can use to help you. 


Sizing Guideline: *Measure 4 inches above the circumference of the knee


14.5” - 17”

37cm  43cm


17” - 19.5”

43cm - 49cm


19.5” - 22”

49cm -56cm

Extra Large

22.5” - 24”

57cm - 61cm 



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