MendMeShop's Copper Infused Ankle Compression Sleeve - Large

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In Stock. Firm Support. Reduce Discomfort and Swelling.
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  • Achilles/ Ankle Compression Sleeve:Relieve Pain & Sore Muscles
  • Recover Faster with greater support surrounding the joint
  • Increase Circulation & Blood Flow
  • Please note: Only Available for our U.S. based customers
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  MendMeShop’s Copper Infused Achilles [Compression] Sleeve


  • Antibacterial SBR material.

  • Breathable Honeycomb structure

  • Ultra-thin material (2.5mm), light and easy to wear

  • Seamless stitch velcro giving greater stability

  • Made with copper infused polyester thread

Ankle Brace with bandage

Design Features

  • Copper infused to help reduce pain in the ankle and achilles

  • Support bandage for greater stability, compression and support. 

  • Anti-microbial, anti inflammatory & anti-odour properties

  • Easy, non invasive support and pain management 

Treatment of various conditions

  • Promotes support for sore muscles, joints an d tendons

  • Helpful if suffering from Plantar fasciitis

  • Can assist in preventing sports injuries and promoting healing

  • Great for busy professionals on their feet all day long, for intermittent support

DESIGNED FOR Performance, Durability, Mobility


  • Relieves Pain & Sore Muscles

  • Recover Faster 

  • Perform Better with Greater Stamina

  • Soothe and comfort

The MendMeShop Copper Infused Ankle compression sleeve was designed as an easy,  and minimally invasive support for your ankle. The strong strap is designed to hold the compression sleeve in place. The simple design allows you to adjust the tightness for your own comfort level and needs. You can therefore tailor the firmness and cushioning of the compression sleeve to maximize your own pain relief or in order to use prevent injury. The strap also ensures the sleeve stays in place. The ankle joint withstands a high amount of pressure from the rest of the body and our compression sleeve is designed to support this area. 

Compression sleeves can be used on many parts of the body and are supported by healthcare practitioners and professionals , in sports and for daily domestic use. Their range of utility is wide, from treatment and prevention of injury and other painful or debilitating conditions. 


We decided to introduce copper into the fabric of the compression sleeve. Copper is thought to be anti microbial, anti odour and anti inflammatory. The copper ions are introduced in to the thread, so deeply woven into the sleeve. You receive the benefits of copper close to the skin in a minimally invasive way. For this reason, we also advise hand washing the sleeves and not using detergent to maintain the integrity of the sleeve. We want this durable sleeve to perform for you. Using the copper infused fabric is yet another natural alternative for pain management and relief. At MendMeShop we strive to maintain high quality and service. Our goal is for you to live your life pain free, 



9.06 inch - 9.65 inch


9.65 inch- 10.23 inch


10.23 inch - 10.84 inch

Men’s shoe size

Shoe Size

5.5 - 7

9 - 11

11.5 - 13.5





Show Size

7 - 9

11 - 13

13.5  = 15 






For Men & Women


Do not wear continuously; rest for 30 minutes every 3 - 4 hours.

Great for injury prevention during exercise

Washing instructions

  • Hand wash only

  • No detergent

  • Dry naturally

Easy to Use and Quick Relief

  • Simply wrap the strong elastic strap under & around the ankle.

  • Press on the hook and loop fastener around the compression achilles sleeve

  • This should hold on snuggly to your ankle

  • Ensure the strap is snug yet comfortable. The sleeve provides firm, comfortable compression

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