Is Therapy as Effective as Surgery For Rotator Cuff Tears?

Posted by on 7/13/2017 to Rotator Cuff Tear & Injury
Is Therapy as Effective as Surgery For Rotator Cuff Tears?
It's generally understood that surgery may introduce more scar tissue into your shoulder. This added scar tissue will be problematic, requiring even more therapy post-surgery. If not dealt with properly, your shoulder could end up in worse condition than before the surgery. 

This is why it is best to first exhaust conservative methods first with a strong focus on getting more blood flow to the injured tissues on a consistent basis. That is key - consistency. 

The fact is, tissues like tendons, ligaments, and muscle fibers are dense tissue and lack blood flow - which is why they take so long to heal. Hence, one needs a device to help stimulate and enhance that blood flow - which is where the T-Shellz Wrap by MendMeShop comes into play. 

It is through the blood the body carries the oxygen and nutrients the body needs to generate new, healthy collagen. If treatments do not focus on this fact, they are bound to fail and the result will be - delayed healing and more scar tissue.

The challenge is - how to accomplish blood flow enhancement in a non-invasive manner? Rigorous exercise is out of the question when injured. Traditional suggestions such as heating pads are not ideal either.

The problem with heating pads are - they work on conduction. The heat has to be forced through multiple layers of skin and fat. By the time the heat reaches the targeted area, very little energy is remaining and this does not effectively enhance blood flow. The heating pad feels good when on the body - that is because you are heating the skin. However, that is not truly therapeutic in nature. Moist heat therapy has been believed to be more effective at warming tissues than dry heat, because water transfers heat more quickly than air. Clinical studies do not support the popular belief. The use of warm water is highly ineffective in stimulating blood flow within the joint - therefore, will not contribute to the healing process. The same story with creams/lotions - which merely absorb into the skin for the most part.

Electromagnetic energy (which is what the T-Shellz wrap is based on) is different as the energy from the T-shellz wrap does not absorb into the skin - it absorbs into the damaged muscle and soft tissue (as a result, you will not feel the heat on the skin to the same degree). At its normal core temperature, the human body emits electromagnetic energy at a wavelength of 5-15 microns. The energy from the T-shellz resonates with the body’s own energy waves to warm the body, improve blood circulation, and boost metabolism and enzyme activity. This is why the Inferno Wrap works so well - because the body knows and responds well to the energy. In stimulating blood flow to the damaged tissue, you provide the tissue with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to regenerate new, healthy tissue. All the while, you are clearing the area of toxins and excess fluid build up (reducing inflammation) with the enhanced blood flow.

Therefore, the energy from the T-shellz penetrates deep into the body, into the affected muscles and soft tissues. Once the energy absorbs, it gently stimulates the tissue and a mild thermal affect is produced as a result. From there, the vessels within the damaged tissues relax - and this allows for blood flow to reach these damaged tissues. More blood flow means more nutrients and antibodies reaching the injury site - and this is what is needed to heal.

Next time surgery is recommended as a first option, take a step back and look at your alternatives first.

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