Effectively Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Effectively Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
How Do You Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 

There are several treatments you can use for carpal tunnel syndrome. Some are designed to alleviate short term bouts of pain and discomfort, while others work to address the underlying musculoskeletal issues leading in to the development of CTS and other wrist related issues. 

Whichever methods you choose, your goal should be to release the pressure from the median nerve and to reduce the source of the swelling and inflammation. By releasing the pressure on the median nerve, carpal tunnel symptoms can be alleviated. By healing the tissue damage in and around the carpal tunnel, you will minimize the chance of pain, loss of motion, atrophy, and loss of grip strength and hand control. 

You can get your wrist back to normal by treating your carpal tunnel properly and with dedication. The good news is that most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome will heal with simple home conservative treatments and surgery is often not needed! 

Some initial conservative treatment methods recommended include: 

Rest - This is important for initial healing because without an appropriate amount of rest you are at risk for increased inflammation, pain and re-injury of your wrist. All of which can make your wrist injury much worse or increase the amount of pressure placed on your median nerve. Avoid Activities that may have Caused Your Injury - While resting your wrist it's also important to avoid all activities that may have caused your symptoms and any repetitive hand or wrist movement. This may include reduced activities in your job if that has caused your wrist injury. Continuing on with regular activities can increase the severity of your injury, turning a mild to moderate case of carpal tunnel syndrome into serious damage of your median nerve. 

Apply some mild cold compression after activity that stresses the wrist to alleviate short-term bouts of inflammation. Please note, that over-utilizing cold therapy could be detrimental as it could cause tissues surrounding the median nerve to constrict (inducing symptoms of discomfort). Wear a Wrist Splint/Brace - Splinting or bracing your wrist over night or during difficult daily activities that place stress on your wrist can help to reduce your symptoms. In order to be helpful, a wrist splint should hold your wrist in a neutral position. If your wrist is held correctly in a neutral position less pressure will be placed on your median nerve and your tendons will stay in one position long enough to start the natural healing process. 

And most importantly... 

Use the Wrist T-Shellz Wrap on a regular basis to promote healing of tissues surrounding the median nerve. In addition, the deep penetrating energy produced by the T Shellz helps to relax constricted tissues around the carpal tunnel - thereby taking pressure off of the median nerve and reducing symptoms such as numbness and tingling sensations. 

One basic premise of healing soft tissue ailments is to focus on enhancing blood flow to those damaged tissues. This is the entire premise of the Wrist T-shellz wrap. It is through the blood the body transports antibodies, nutrients, and oxygen. Nourishing your injured tissues with these healing properties should enhance the capacity of the body to help in healing of them. 

An effective way to stimulate blood flow to the tissues deeper within the body is through the use of an energy based on an Electromagnetic principal. Of importance, Electromagnetic Energy waves are not conductive heat waves (like a traditional heating pad is) - they operate on a different wavelength and hence, can penetrate deeper into the body. When these energy waves are emitted, they penetrate through your skin and fatty tissues until they reach your ligaments, muscles, cartilage, and tendons. Once they reach the targeted areas, they are absorbed and quickly converted into thermal energy...right at the location of the injury. 

This results in relaxation of the vessel walls within the targeted and surrounding tissues. The vessels gently expand when warmed, allowing for more nutrient rich blood flow along with extra oxygen and antibodies to reach the damaged tissue. Plus, the enhanced blood flow helps in flushing cell waste and fluid build-up from the injury site - further enhancing the ability of the body to begin to heal. 

In comparison to a traditional heating pad (which most people are familiar with), those devices provide more of a surface heat. The heat that a standard heating pad and heated pack provides has to be forced through multiple layers of skin and fatty tissues (known as conduction). With each layer of skin the heat passes through, there will a corresponding energy loss because that heat is absorbing into each layer of skin or fat it passes through. By the time the heat reaches the targeted area deeper in the body, there is less energy remaining and hence, a lessened ability to stimulate blood flow to the injured tissues you are attempting to heal. 

As you see, it can take a comprehensive approach to manage and treat carpal tunnel syndrome. The most important factor however (and the one factor many people tend to overlook overlook), is that consistent use of a deep tissue therapy devices like the Wrist T shellz is critical in alleviating pressure on the median nerve.

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