Arnica Infusion -Fast Acting Pain Relief Cream

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IN STOCK & FREE SHIPPING. Relief from Various Muscle Aches, Pains, Inflammation, and Bruises.
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  • Fast and Effective Relief For Various Pains and Aches
  • Treatment for Sore Muscles & Joints, Arthritis, Backaches, Sprains, Strains, and Bruises
  • Made in the U.S.A. at an FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility
  • Each Jar Contains 3 Ounces of Cream (85 grams)
  • Please Note: Only Available for Our U.S. Based Customers
Arnica Infusion - Fast Acting Pain Relief Cream 

New Look and Same Great Formula!

Arnica Infusion is designed to relieve pain due to sore muscles and joints associated with arthritis, backaches, sprains, strains, and bruises. 

This is a product that many of our current MendMeShop customers asked us to develop. So we focused our time and resources over the past few years and came up, with we believe, will be one of more effective, fast acting, topical pain relief creams on the market. 

Dealing with aches and pains affecting the foot, ankle, leg, knee, hamstring, hip, back, arm, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand? If so, then applying the Arnica Infusion to any of these targeted areas will bring about fast relief from the pain and sore tissues. Simply apply the cream and moments later, you will experience a soothing and comforting sensation over the treated area.

Made in the USA at an FDA registered manufacturing facility, you can be assured that Arnica Infusion is safe and effective. Expect the same high quality that MendMeShop customers have been accustomed to since 2005.

The “Cool Blue” formula is the perfect balance between the smooth application of a cream and the effective absorbing factor of a gel. It is not too thick and not too thin - just the right texture. It feels very nice on the skin! 

Each application of Arnica Infusion feels so comforting and soothing, we are certain it will become an item you will not want to live without!

Arnica Infusion Ingredients

The Arnica Infusion formula is based on a combination of scientific research and the use of high quality ingredients. The properties within the formula were chosen for their pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and soothing qualities. 

The acting ingredients within the formula include ones many of us are familiar with; along with ones that have not received a lot of publicity (only in research circles). Extensive testing resulted in a blending of ingredients that provides the most synergistic of benefits.

The notable ingredients in the Arnica Infusion formula include:

Arnica - powerful anti-inflammatory, speeds recovery, enhances circulation

Menthol - provides pain relief with a nice cooling sensation

Vitamin B6 - promotes normal nerve function

MSM - supports healthy connective tissues, anti-inflammatory

Ilex Leaf Extract - increases circulation, skin conditioner

Vitamin E - anti-inflammatory, enhances circulation, hydrates the skin

Aloe - anti-inflammatory properties, soothes the skin

Tea Tree - enhances penetration of ingredients

Extensive quality control procedures during the manufacturing process ensure the ingredients are both safe and effective. We would not stake our reputation on anything but the best.

When Do I Apply the Arnica Infusion?

Upon Awakening; your sore and stiff muscles will come alive in the morning with an application of Arnica Infusion. Start your day off on the right foot without the same aches and pains you experience now.

Before Bed; help soothe nagging joint and body-aches at the end of a long day, which should lead to a more restful sleep

While At Work; apply Arnica Infusion at work to help reduce acute discomfort associated with overuse of muscles and joints. No matter if you are in a physical demanding job or work within an office environment, you will be placing stress on different parts of the body and aches and pains will result. 

After Work, Sports, or Activity; if you suffer from a sprained ligament, pulled muscle, strained tendon, or even bruising - apply Arnica Infusion for quick relief of the pain.

Chronic Pain Suffering; application of Arnica Infusion can be done up to a maximum of 4 times per day on a consistent basis to help bring about relief from various pains and aches.

In-between Treatments With the T-Shellz Wraps; follow up your T-Shellz treatments with an application of Arnica Infusion. Combine the pain relieving benefits of Arnica Infusion along with the healing benefits of the wraps to make your recovery go much more smoothly.

If you want more information about Arnica Infusion Pain Relief Cream, please call us toll free 1-866-237-9608 on weekdays or send us an email through our contact pages located at:

*Please note this product is only available for purchase and shipped within the United States.

5 Stars
Very Helpful for Pain
Thank you for your new Arnica Infusion Gel. It is not only helpful for pain, but also very healing with such ingredients as Arnica, MSM, etc. in the formula. Unlike other products of this kind, it absorbs quickly without any stickiness, staining of clothes, and leaves no lasting odour. It is a nice addition to your great line of soft tissue treatment products. I will not hesitate to recommend it.
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 8/29/2017
5 Stars
Arnica Infusion Customer For Life!
On 12-13-2012 while getting treatment for a shoulder impingement a physical therapist damaged my C-3 & C-4 by pushing my head & shoulder in opposite directions. In Nov. 2017 while shopping online, I stumbled upon the Arnica Infusion Crèam. Since Jan. 2017 I had been experiencing headaches that I believe were a result of the neck injury. I purchased the Arnica Infusion to see if it might help. What a relief !! I have had no more headaches especially when driving or sitting. It is put on in the AM after showering & just before I go to bed. As it has been stated on the website- as muscles relax ,there will be less tension on nerve endings helping to reduce pain. THIS STUFF WORKS!! MANY THANKS! Customer for life
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 12/1/2017
5 Stars
Very Helpful For My Sprained Wrist
I recently experienced a fairly significant ski fall, where it appeared I slightly sprained my wrist. The discomfort would not subside so I thought I better do something about it. I obtained a jar of the Arnica Infusion pain cream, applied it the same day I received it, and wow - it really did make a difference that quickly. The pain and soreness seemed to subside almost instantly. I would then go to apply it around three times a day - typically after activity that aggravated the wrist (especially snow shovelling after the wild winter weather we had up here). Definitely a good product and one I will use for other aches and pains.
Reviewed by:  from New York. on 1/11/2018
5 Stars
Arnica Infusion is way better than what I used to use
I was using Bio Freeze several times a day on my shoulders. This helped somewhat. I ordered the wrap for my shoulder and the arnica cream. When they arrived, I put the Arnica Infusion cream immediately on my shoulders and to me great surprise, my shoulders stopped hurting. I have tendonitis in both shoulders and for almost a year of not being able to sleep, to reach out in front of me, or to drive comfortable, - I am now pain free. Between the arnica cream and the T-shellz wrap, I am delighted that I took the leap of faith and ordered them. Thank you MendMeShop. You did mend me.
Reviewed by:  from Tennessee. on 6/15/2019
5 Stars
Great Relief for Shoulder Tendinitis
This stuff is awesome! I have bad shoulder tendinitis and have tried many over the counter creams, all of them worthless. Your Arnica Infusion really knocks out the pain. I apply it 2-3 times a day. My shoulder pain has gone from screaming to a whimper.
Reviewed by:  from Vesper, Wisconsin. on 5/25/2020
5 Stars
In the past few weeks I suddenly have had the most acute flare up of old Army injuries.  I have countless relief creams in the house and felt somewhat jaundiced purchasing Arnica Infusion.  Based on using it so far I am very hopeful for resolution of this problem--possibly w/o a nerve block as I had anticipated.  I will probably throw out all previously purchased pain relief creams!
Reviewed by:  from Mid South USA. on 10/13/2020
5 Stars
Helped My Tennis Elbow Pain
Excellent product! Fast acting, great texture and pleasant smell. Cools off areas of inflammation. During shut down, I had severe tennis elbow. This saved me!
Reviewed by:  from Delaware. on 11/29/2020
5 Stars
Helps With Residual Pain
The best thing I have found for residual pain!
Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 3/21/2021
5 Stars
Awesome product
I had twisted my knee. I had to stay off of it. Applied cream to my knees and behind my knees and legs. Messaging the cream help circulate my blood in my lower extremities. I'm ordering again.
Reviewed by:  from Ojai, Ca.. on 10/26/2021