A Relatively Unknown Natural Anti-Inflammatory - Gamma Linolenic Acid

Posted by on 7/9/2017 to Inflammation
A Relatively Unknown Natural Anti-Inflammatory - Gamma Linolenic Acid
Gamma Linolenic Acid is an Omega 6 acid that exhibits great anti-inflammatory properties. Traditionally found in borage and evening primose - there are other plants that contains this very healthy acid.

While not as well know as turmeric, Gamma Lineolic Acid has certainly been seen in numerous studies as being very beneficial in modulating inflammation from a number of chronic ailments, including Frozen Shoulder and Arthritis.

While there is no definite cause for frozen shoulder, there is rather significant inflammation (in Stage 1 and early stage 2) that develops within the shoulder capsule. The result is shrinkage of the capsule and limited shoulder and humerus movement. It generally starts as a little pinch of pain around the long head of your biceps tendon. The resulting inflammation soon spreads and causes swelling in your other tissues, such the bursa.

For arthritis sufferers (both osteo and rheumatoid) - inflammation within the joints is a hallmark of both conditions - the reasons behind much of the pain arthritis sufferers endure on a day to day basis.

GLA is certainly worth a consideration for those who prefer a more natural approach to modulating their body's inflammatory responses and for those looking for joint pain relief.