8 Stretches for your Tight Shoulders

Posted by on 4/16/2017 to Exercises & Stretches
8 Stretches for your Tight Shoulders
The more we have going on in our lives, the more we are vulnerable to changing circumstances. When we feel vulnerable, we tend to try and protect ourselves from full exposure. A lot of us carry this protective stance in our upper body. By tensing up in our chest, shoulders and neck, we feel that we are protecting our hearts from experiencing hurt.

Unfortunately, not only does this tension not protect us from the changing circumstances of life it also translates into a myriad of painful physical effects on our bodies. So it’s important we pay attention to tight areas and work to find release. If your shoulders are tense, you may find it difficult to sleep, sit tall for long periods of time, and breathe fully. The more balanced you are in emotionally protecting yourself and also staying somewhat vulnerable and open to change, your physical stance, posture and ailments will be dramatically improved.

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