MendMeShop Posture Corrector - Back Pain Reducer

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In Stock. Effectively improves the alignment of your back. Great for people who sit at a computer all day.
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  • MendMeShop Posture Corrector:Guides and supports you in improving the alignment of your back
  • Two sizes that are fully adjustable
  • Use while working or during activities
  • Helpful for those with hunched shoulders or Scoliosis
  • Made from high quality materals

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MendMeShop Posture Corrector

SMALL size: Fits a chest circumference of 25 to 37.5 inches

LARGE size: Fits a chest circumference of 38 to 59 inches

Everyone could use help with their posture. With today’s increasingly sedentary lifestyle, any help from the natural tendency to slouch when sitting or in front of a screen should be considered imperative. 

It is a well known theory that walking with an upright posture can help improve confidence, body image and self esteem. A posture corrector can help do this without you having to consciously think about it.

So let me introduce you to our new product - the MendMeShop Posture Corrector.

Our posture corrector guides and supports you in improving the alignment of your back.  It can be used during any activity where you require back support and is especially helpful while playing sports or working at a computer much of the day.

The MendMeShop Posture Corrector is intended to help train the body’s posture for better long term back health; guiding the spine into remaining more straight and helping to relieve pain from various conditions as well as helping prevent other conditions from developing. 

Some of the conditions that the MendMeShop Posture corrector may help support:

Slouching or hunched shoulders
Spinal Stenosis
Neck, shoulder or back pain

How to Use The MendMeShop Posture Corrector

1. Feed straps through the two holes with velcro is facing up.

2. Feed both straps through making sure there are no twists.

3. Brace is ready to put on. Start by putting the first loop on one shoulder. Then the second loop. Fix straps in place.

4. You should NOT be in pain while wearing the device. Start Loose when first using the product. 

5. Increase tightness over time. First wear MendMeShop’s back brace for 15 - 20 minutes and increase slowly over time as you become comfortable with using the support. 

Made from premium materials and with expert tailoring, it has been designed to be discreet for use in your day to day life. It is easily adjustable and the Small/Medium sized posture corrector fits both men and women with a chest circumference of 25 to 50 inches.

The MendMeShop Posture corrector can be worn easily under clothes and is very discreet to allow ease of use throughout the day in all situations. It can also be worn over clothes if desired.  The FDA registered device is simple and effective, allowing the user to swiftly put on and adjust the posture corrector to appropriate fit. 

Storage: Please clean and dry thoroughly. After folding neatly, store in a cool, dry place with good ventilation 

Please be aware that this information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please keep your doctor and therapist informed of all treatments you plan to utilize. This information should not be used in place of a visit, call, or consultation with or the advice of your physician or other qualified medical professional.