We have been in business since 2005. Below is a small sample of the feedback we have received over the past 12 years for our previous Deep Tissue therapy devices. As we begin to release the T-Shellz on to the market, we will certainly gather testimonials for that particular device as well.

Please note that all MendMeShop testimonials & comments are verified, fully documented in writing, and are 100% authentic.

Shoulder Wrap Review: "As a professional athlete, my body takes a lot of abuse during training. Boxing is very strenuous on the arms and shoulders and I have had a rotator cuff injury for the past two years. The shoulders don’t get a lot of blood flow, so injuries don’t heal properly on their own. The injury had gotten so bad, I thought I might have to retire from the ring. Then I started using the Inferno Wrap every day. I use the Shoulder Wrap before my workouts to relax and loosen up the muscles in my shoulder and increase the circulation. My shoulder has felt better in the past two months than it has in the past two years!"  Molly McConnell, Top World Ranked Professional Female Boxer, Oregon

Back/Hip Wrap Review: "I have used the Hip inferno device for 9 days now. The results so far are great. I have bursitis and have been getting injections which were helping less and less. With your product, the pain has lessened dramatically. The swelling has gone down as well as the tingling and the numbness in my hip. This is remarkable and welcomed relief as I have a vacation planned in 2 weeks and now I can't wait." S. Jennings

Customer Service Review: "I really appreciate y'all emailing and responding. I'm in business myself so I know the importance of customer service. Your company has done a superb job and it's really appreciated. I know it takes a lot of time but it's very well worth the time you spend." C. Vickers

Multiple Wraps Review: "I am a disabled veteran of World War II and Vietnam. As a result, my later years resulted in progressive difficulty in mobility and with commensurate pain. I became aware of your company approximately three years ago and decided to try your instruments. I now have your BACK/HIP INFERNO WRAP, KNEE INFERNO WRAP and WRIST INFERNO WRAP. These instruments and YOUR MORE THAN HELPFUL STAFF resulted in a turning point in my life." Paul from Washington D.C.

Knee Wrap Review: "Since I am a Certified Rehabilitation RN [Registered Nurse], I started researching the Internet looking for a product that would provide radiant heat. I was happy to discover your Inferno Knee Wrap. I have been using it several times a day for several weeks and I am now pain free and functionally able to resume all activities. I still continue using the Inferno Knee Wrap on a daily basis in hopes that I can prevent another knee injury. Thank you for such a wonderful product." A. Block

Plantar Wrap Review: "I have plantar fasciitis, which began over 20 years ago and has gotten progressively worse. I stand for prolonged periods of time, often 5-8 hrs a day as a fine arts painter. Spent approximately $1000 for various custom made inserts, tried several types of expensive shoes supposedly designed for plantar fasciitis, had two sessions of physical therapy at different clinics, sought treatment with a podiatrist who mainly wanted to do an expensive surgical procedure and offered no other treatment than more inserts. None really successful. After about 2 hrs. researching plantar fasciitis on Google, I decided to try MendMeShop. After about two weeks of scrupulous adherence the treatment plan outlined by MendMeShop there was a noticeable decrease in pain and I am well pleased with the results so far." David F. from Kentucky

Achilles Wrap Review: After reading all the stories on the internet and talking with people as well as knowing of the seriousness of this injury, I believe your products have played a key role to getting me back on my feet and my life headed back to normal 1000 times faster than the average achilles rupture patient. Thank You so much for great products and superior service as well as unprecedented guarantee. I will let you know when I am walking normal without any limp. D. Hunziker

Shoulder Wrap Review: "I am a retired Orthopedic Surgical Registered Nurse First Asst and I just want to say this Shoulder Wrap is wonderful. I have had adhesive capsulitis in my left shoulder several times. I am 67 years old now and I have Arthritis, Lupus and fibromyalgia. I read your information and was expecting it to take at least 4 weeks to see an improvement. I have used the Shoulder Wrap this short time since receiving it and I am almost pain free. Occasionally I start to feel a little ache and I put it back on before it becomes pain I have full range of motion when I could not brush my hair or fasten my bra. Again, I am so pleased and hope it helps others too." Jane - retired Orthopedic Surgical Registered Nurse First Asst.

Elbow Wrap Review: "I had been suffering from arm and elbow tendinitis for MONTHS. The pain had gotten so bad, I could not find any comfortable position for my arm which would throb and ache constantly. If I moved it wrong, I'd get a searing, stabbing pain that was truly excruciating. I was taking 8 ibuprofins a day and still not getting relief. My husband was quite concerned and researched my condition on line. That's when he found your website. He ordered the inferno wrap. I've been using it for just over a week now and my arm is almost back to normal. It is miraculous. That pain is GONE. If I move wrong, there is still some soreness, but my arm hasn't felt this good in months! I intend to go online and write a review to encourage others to give your products a try. For less than the cost of one visit to the doctor (actually, I DID go to my doctor who just prescribed a strong pain killer...) I got a long-term solution to my problem. Thank you thank you thank you!" S. Nagelkirk

Knee Wrap Review: I am very impressed with the Knee Inferno Wrap. I started to get some relief immediately and believe that i am on the road to a full recovery. I am 57 years old and run marathons and ultra-maratons. When training, I run about 40 miles per week. Bill K - Maryland

Shoulder Wrap Review: "I have nothing but good to say about the Shoulder Wrap. I am continuing to use it daily. My shoulder is better than I imagined it could be in the amount of time I have been using it. Sometimes I go for days with no pain and when it does come back, it is no where near the intensity it was before the Inferno Wrap. Thank you so much for tracking my progress. A very happy customer." L. Schiotis

Wrist Wrap Review: "I use the Inferno wrap every evening in my down time before heading to bed, on the weekend did use it much more and believe that did help. I had severely stretched/pulled the tendons in my wrist, became very painful, going about the routines of life. I am so very happy with the purchase and am a big fan of the Mendmeshop, thanks for helping me to get my life back on the road to being somewhat normal! I will surely recommend your site to anyone I know in the future that injures themselves and wants to be on the road to recovery as soon as possible."  Casey Brown

Elbow Wrap Review: "I learned about your Elbow Inferno wrap from surfing the net looking for natural ways to heal tendon injuries. What I read on your site made sense to me. Your explanation of soft tissue injury healing, plus your money back guarantee led to my purchase of your product. I am very happy with the Inferno Wrap I bought from your company! The pain in my elbow, which was a constant shooting pain, is gone! I am still using the Elbow Inferno 2x/day (on a prevention basis).  Thank-you so much for offering this kind of a product. With your company's help I succeeded in mending at home and am back to my work out routine as before." Paolo Laudadio

Shoulder Wrap Review: "As soon as I began using the shoulder product much of the swelling and pain went away. I was impressed because I'm a cynical health practitioner. But it does make total sense to move blood flow to tissue that needs to be repaired. There's really no other way -- except for surgery. And I'm trying to avoid that. I'd say I have another 30-40% of arm use back. Thank you MendMeShop for creating such a simple and effective product." Dr. J. Valentine

Customer Service Review: "Thank you so much - I love the products I have purchased and use them every day! My husband and I have been able to share the products as well. I have called the office and received helpful guidance. Really appreciate the help and so glad I found your products!" D. McBride

Achilles Wrap Review: "The PT did help with the pain but didn't really "cure" the problem. I continued home physical therapy for another year and began to research therapies to help the tendon. I wanted to avoid surgery if possible. I came across the MendMeShop website and read about the products recommended for Achilles tendon. The cost seemed minimal compared to what I had already spent at the doctor and physical therapist. I ordered the Inferno Wrap for the ankle and used it according to the directions. I felt great pain relief and the flexibility in my Achilles returned within a few weeks of treatments."  Pat from Connecticut

Shoulder Wrap Review: "I recently had surgery on my left shoulder to shave down the bone to leave enough space for my shoulder joint to work. It seemed to be healing slowly, until I re-injured it trying to cut down a small tree. So I did some research for two months and kept coming up with the MendMeShop Shoulder Wrap. I printed all the material and showed it to my Orthopedic Surgeon and he said to try it if I think it will help me. I received it in 2 days while out of town overnight. So I didn't get to try it until the following Saturday night. The next day I did a few sessions and I could feel my muscles ache a little bit, but NO PAIN!!! This Shoulder Wrap is incredible and is worth every penny. I can't afford to waste a penny, but this purchase is becoming a lifesaver for me." Singh from Massachusetts

Plantar Wrap Review: "I am writing to let everyone know how wonderfully the Inferno Wrap works! I'd been suffering with plantar fasciitis for a month, I tried a splint, shoe inserts, rest, ice, stretching. It was improving, oh so slowly. However, once I got my Inferno Wrap, everything changed and within two days I was walking on my foot! I still get pain after being on my feet all night at work, and reapply the Wrap when I go home and am good to go again. It's a miracle! The fact that you have a money back guarantee makes it so safe to purchase." Loretta from Missouri 

Shoulder Wrap Review: "I'm reporting into you that the shoulder wrap is working so good. Much of my pain is gone now. I have good movement of the arm and I can raise it up over my head now - and around to the back. Before I started the treatments, I was not able to do these things. I am a believer of your product and I will continue to use it." Louise from Montana

Knee Wrap Review: "The inferno Knee Wrap did a great job on my knee and saved me from surgery! I am still using it to this day, but on my non-injured knee. I noticed no cracking and popping noises (from climbing stairs) after treatment of my left knee, so now I am treating the right knee as well (preventative basis). Thanks for your great product!" Rick Forbing

Shoulder Wrap Review: "Over the past eight months I have been suffering from shoulder and arm pain. I just kept thinking that the pain would go away on its own. When I reached the point where I was unable to raise my arm over my head without assistance and forget about putting my arm behind my back. I decided that a trip to the doctor was due. She ruled out that I had a tear to the Rotator Cuff itself and determined that I had a soft tissue injury. Due to repetitive movement and heavy lifting. She suggested that I try physical therapy. With my work schedule and family obligations I knew that was going to be very difficult and I wanted something that I could fit into my schedule. So I began doing research on the internet for alternative treatments and exercises. That's when I found your product on the internet. I was somewhat skeptical as to rather it would perform as stated, but decided to give it a try. It was stated that it could take up to three weeks to feel results. BUT I am here to say that for myself it has done better." N. Jensen 

Customer Service & Knee Wrap Review: "I am an active person and was not going to consign myself to a wheel chair for the rest of my life. I had no access to physical therapy treatments in my personal situation. So, I took the bull by the horns and got busy finding out what I could do to help myself recover faster and get back in action physically. And I found your company. I started my personal quest on Internet, which is all I was able to do physically at the time, and found your company, I read all your info and was impressed with what I read and felt comfortable that you were genuine and were out to help me fully recover. The fully guaranteed refund was a plus to me. You also had a personal way to contact your company to discuss any concerns I might have in using it. You also had expedited mailing so that I could have your product in a few days so I could get started in my recovery. After receiving the Inferno Knee Wrap, I was having personal issues in how often to use the Inferno Wrap and so I called you to help me with this. I felt that the wrap was helping me, but I was finding that I could not use it to the fullest degree the instructions mentioned. You helped me and told me to call you back. From your recommendations, I started experimenting on my own to see what would work for me and I found a workable solution for me personally. Each person is unique and what works for one person may not work for another. So, I recommend not giving up until you find what works for you." B. Fritcha

Multiple Wraps Review: "When I use the knee wrap consistently it makes a difference. I need a knee replacement but because of my weight issues I can't get the surgery. The wrap gives me much relief. My sister has MS and has planter fasciitis she used the foot wrap consistently for several months, now she only needs to use periodically. I tore my rotator cuff and had major reconstructive surgery and 1 year of rehab. Over the years I have stiffness and the shoulder wrap has helped to maintain range of motion. I have the tortoise shell for the back and I can't say enough. It hits the whole back up to the neck. Wonderful.  I recently purchased the thigh wrap and again can't say enough. I think at this point I have all the heat wraps. I love and use all the products I have purchased and would recommend the products." Virginia from California

Shoulder Wrap Review: "It's been a few months ago since I purchased your products. I am happy to let you know as today that my potential frozen shoulder is no longer an issue. I believed in less than a month of continuous therapy sessions per your instructions on the product my pain was gone. Thanks again for your wonderful products and support." Jesse S.

Achilles Wrap Review: "Although skeptical, I purchased the wraps out of desperation, received the product, read all the literature for use and started into a daily routine. Within 7 days I started to experience a reduction in the constant pain. Within 9 days I was walking without a constant reminder of the injury. I tried doing a ride and although the short 13 mile ride was enjoyable I started to feel the injury flair up again. The injury is not completely healed but the progress I am experiencing gives me hope that with a continued discipline of home treatment using the products, gentle stretching and the use of wearing a brace on my foot while sleeping to prevent the tendon from retracting, will in time bring about the full healthy healing of the injured area." John Carey

Shoulder Wrap Review: "I have had a shoulder tendonitis for like 10 years - I guess they call it tendonosis when its this long. But hands down it (the Shoulder Inferno wrap) does help and I'm actually able to sleep on my left side with no pain now - after 4 month use 3 times a day. I hope anyone with same pain can i had can get the same results." Antonio

Back/Hip Wrap Review: "Desperate to try anything new, I found the information for your company online. Even though it was a hit to my budget, I felt inspired to try your product. I used it regularly leading up to our trip and even took it on our trip to use each evening. Now, in the past several years, we have taken our children to Disneyland and after the first day in the park, I’ve needed a wheelchair to endure the rest of the trip. Forget about enjoying it. However, this time I was so wicked happy to wake up on our second day feeling good and not even needing my cane!!!! I made it through THREE days of Disneyland and a total of 12 hours driving a car with much less pain and stiffness. I can totally attribute it to the Inferno wrap and quite honestly, God. I am grateful for the Inferno wrap and still use it daily. Thank you! Amy Helbig

Shoulder Wrap Review: "I had a rotor cuff tear and needed surgery. I purchased an Inferno shoulder wrap. I used it every day for several months and did my exercises for the shoulder. My rotor cuff healed. I never had surgery. This was 4 years ago and my shoulder still feels good. I golf twice a week with no problems. It is worth trying out before having surgery" A. Becker

Plantar Wrap Review: "I wanted to write and extend my thanks for having such a great product! I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for over two years. My Podiatrist had given me all the Steroid shots he was willing to do and said that surgery was the only option left. After just 7 days of treatment with your Inferno Wrap, the swelling is almost all gone. The intense pain has subsided substantially. I can already go most of a whole day without even thinking about (or feeling) the intense pain. I'm keeping up the therapy and have a lot of confidence that in a month or two, I can resume my life as usual again! Thanks again! A very satisfied customer." Dave Stanfield

Shoulder Wrap Review: "I am elated with the Shoulder  Wraps I purchased. My shoulder is regaining strength, albeit slowly. Until I found your products I was in tremendous throbbing pain from a rotator cuff injury. For three months I used Chiropractors and exercise bands to no avail. The terrible throbbing has finally subsided and I am once again able to throw the ball with my two German Pointers! If I over do activity, the cold wrap helps to calm the shoulder down. An hour after that I do the Inferno Wrap." Scott from Wisconsin

Customer Service Review: "I did try the Inferno Wrap and I think it really helps, plus it feels good! I use it three times a day. I appreciate the help of Paul (from MendMeShop) as well as the Inferno Wrap. What a difference I see now! Thank you very much for your product and your customer service." M. Klepper

Elbow Wrap Review: As you can imagine, I have tried all sorts of heating pads, cooling pads, ice therapy, and months of physical therapy. I believe I even found the Mend Me Shop and the Inferno Wrap while looking for something along the heating and cooling pad line. My immediate thought was why are these so expensive? What makes them so special? I have to say that initially, I took a chance because I had no other option for relief. The day the Inferno Wrap arrived, I knew I had something I had not had access to before. You can tell IMMEDIATELY tell after turning this on that is is working DEEP into the tissue. The wrap does get warm, but in NO WAY is this a heating pad. THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT PROVIDED AND CONTINUES TO PROVIDE ME RELIEF. I have not dialed down my activity level. When my elbows ache, the Inferno Wrap goes on, and within one 20 minute treatment, the ache is gone. Believe me when I say I have been looking for this for 15 years steady. I have since recommended to EVERYONE I know the Inferno Wrap, and have purchased one for my back, which works just as well, as expected. This is a product that works. This is a product that is backed by good customer service. This is a product that is worth EVERY PENNY." Matthew Cohen

Shoulder Wrap Review: "I love this Shoulder Inferno wrap and it's helping already. This is the one thing that makes the rotator cuff pain manageable! I'm grateful and I stand by this 100%!" L. Kranz

Knee Wrap Review: "I just love the Inferno wrap. I honestly feel it has helped my recovery tremendously. If I did not have the wrap, I seriously doubt my return to work would have been that speedy. Three weeks with the Knee Wrap and I was back to work. The fact that you guys are there for us every step of the way matters as well. Your company is wonderful and that's a rarity these days." M. Callahan

Shoulder Wrap Review: "The Shoulder Inferno wrap is working well for my bursitis. I went to my primary care doctor this week, and she was very interested in the treatments and the success - when little else was working in the last 5 months. My shoulder pain has gone away completely, and so I am obviously very pleased with the results." Karen from Scotia, New York

Knee Wrap and Elbow Wrap Review: "It's refreshing to hear your sincere concern for the health benefit of your products to your customers.  I'm a repeat customer.  I purchased my first elbow inferno wrap about five years ago.  I use it all the time, since I play tennis about 4 to 5 times a week. I also have a knee inferno wrap, which I use less often because once my knees healed they hurt only occasionally.  Because the pad in the knee wrap is bigger, I can also use it on pain in my lower back, which I sometimes get from pulled muscles. For years I've been recommending your products to tennis playing friends who complain about painful joints, and I'm always surprised how few actually want to invest the money into healing themselves. Steve Dewitt

Back/Hip Wrap Review: I really never expected such good service! I have a trochanteric bursitis, and have been seriously bothered by it for more than a year. My rheumatologist gave me two steroid injections which helped briefly and then the pain started again, and that pain is almost crippling. Celebrex was recommended and it worked for me except that I have IBS and unfortunately couldn't continue to take it. I was in pain and decided to check out the internet and that is where I found you. I was uncertain about the use of electromagnetic therapy, it sounded like it might be in the snake oil category, but fortunately for me, I got good confirmation about the legitimacy of the product. I have to say I am so glad that I made the purchase. You are right I felt a difference with the first treatment using the inferno wrap. I have continued to use it about two times a day. I am very impressed with your product. I still have minor pain, more on same days than others, but it is greatly reduced and I am able to walk without severe pain like before. I will recommend you and your product to anyone who may benefit. I am so glad I found you!" Patricia Heacock

Shoulder Wrap Review: "After a couple of months of pain, I decided to do something for myself. I tried stretching exercises, massage, the heating pad and ibprofen but nothing seemed to be helping. That's when I went online and found the MendMeShop and the Shoulder Inferno Wrap. When I picked up the package from the post office I was anxious to get started. I was so pleased that after only three days of using the products, I was feeling relief. It's only been a little over a week since I started treatments and I can say that I can once again imagine living without that constant pain." Theresa Z. - Indiana

Multiple Wraps Review: "I'm grateful for the products. After a month or so, I began to feel so much better with my shoulder, leg, and my back. It's a magnificent healing product. I recommend them to everyone I know. If it weren't for your product, I would have had to have surgery and who is to say that would have worked - or made it worse. Appreciate all your help." S. Boswell

Wrist Wrap Review: "I recently went to a Rheumatologist and was diagnosed with DeQuervains tenosynovitis. I ordered the Wrist  Wrap immediately after reading the reviews and what it could do for the pain I was experiencing. To my surprise this wrap starting helping within a couple of days. I could not believe it! Although this treatment indicates it would take at least 4 to 6 weeks, I am experiencing relief already. The nodule beneath my thumb where I was experiencing the spasms has disappeared. I am so gratetful to you and endorse this product 100%." Pamela Henry

Customer Service Review: “Thank you again for a great product!  If the need arises, I will use the other products from your mendmeshop without hesitation.  I have also spread the word to my family and co-workers about your products that are very easy to find on the web” second testimonial from Pamela Henry.

Back Wrap Review: "I have been doing very good with your products. Have not had to use the cold much any more, just the Inferno wrap and I can tell I am starting to improve with the device. I did talk with someone a few weeks ago and she gave some usage recommendations. So all in all, your products and personal attention are great." Dr. Richard - Chiropractor in South Carolina

Elbow Wrap Review: "This has been life-changing for me. I developed tennis elbow over the years, and nothing brought relief. The Inferno Wrap is awesome and I am very very happy I purchased it. It's made a huge difference and has helped my elbow heal. You need to use it as directed and give it time to heal your body. I wish I had found these wraps years ago" Lisa L.

Plantar Wrap Review: "My husband and I are thrilled with the results he's getting from using the Plantar wrap. He has suffered from an unusually large bone spur in his foot for the last 13 years, which understandably has severely limited his ability to walk comfortably. He was told by several podiatrists that shoe inserts or surgery were his only option. The shoe fittings helped minimally at best and he was pondering foot surgery until he recently tried your foot wrap. Even after the first treatment he noticed his foot felt better. He has been using it daily now for over a week and he can't believe how wonderful his foot feels."  D. Scoccia

Elbow Wrap Review: "Well after about 9 days of (2) treatments per day my severe case of Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is almost pain free. I was very impressed with the quality of your wraps, very thick and made form high quality materials. I guess the old adage "you get what you pay for" speaks volumes here. I'm completely sold on your products and won't be returning anything!!! Thank you for helping heal my tennis elbow and I've already told many of my friends about your web site. 100% satisfied." Cameron Caldwell 

Wrist Wrap Review: "I have been a hairdresser and esthetician for over 20 years now. I can not tell you how happy I am to have found your products. The Wrap for my wrist is a MIRACLE to me. I have suffered intense pain for the past 3 years due to overuse of my hands. I had been having acupuncture for the past 3 years. It helped for a while but the pain always returned. I was told I would need surgery and physical therapy. After only a week of using the Wrist Wrap, I have no pain!  I have 3 other hairdressers in my salon hooked on your products too. One for shoulder and back pain. We are all so happy now." Judy Barry

Arnica Infusion Review: "Thank you for your new Arnica Infusion Gel. It is not only helpful for pain, but also very healing with such ingredients as Arnica, MSM, etc. in the formula. Unlike other products of this kind, it absorbs quickly without any stickiness, staining of clothes, and leaves no lasting odor. It is a nice addition to your great line of soft tissue treatment products. I will not hesitate to recommend it. Phyllis from Virginia

Wrist Wrap Review: "We have purchased several pieces from your shop (Tortoise Shellz Therapy Pad along with two Wrist Inferno Wraps) and we are very happy with all of them. In fact, I don't know what we would do without them, as all the injuries are improving gradually. Thank you for these wonderful products, and thank you, too, for the personal attention to your customers. A rarity, in today's world!" Laura Anderson 

Customer Service Review: The service from the Mend Me Shop is by far the best you could ever hope for. I have spoken to Paul on numerous occasions and his knowledge is very much appreciated. I own the Inferno wrap which I use for flareups from my knee - it helps greatly. Do not hesitate to order from this company. Their products are made well and work. Their customer service is the best you could ever hope for. Thanks to MendMeShop for their continuing customer satisfaction. Charlie Sutaris