Top or Side Shoulder Wrap?

Choose the TOP Shoulder BFST and ColdCure Wraps for:

Rotator cuff injury - the Top Shoulder Wrap is ideal as it can be positioned over all four major rotator cuff muscles and tendons.
Shoulder Impingement - effective coverage of over the front of the shoulder with partial positioning on the side of shoulder as well.
Shoulder bursitis - drape the Top Shoulder Wrap over the top of shoulder and top of the deltoid muscle for effective treatment.
Shoulder tendinitis/tendinosis - once again, the Top Shoulder Wrap effectively provides coverage for all major rotator cuff tendons.

The Top Shoulder Wraps are used when suffering from pain and discomfort affecting the top, front, or back of the shoulder. The versatility in positioning the wraps over different parts of the shoulder is tremendous.

Choose the SIDE Shoulder BFST and ColdCure Wraps for:

Frozen shoulder / Adhesive Capsulitis - effectively covers the shoulder joint capsule where the conditions develop.

Shoulder dislocation / separation recovery - ideal coverage around the glenoid cavity and humerus.

Biceps Tendon tear or strain - easily covers the long head and short head of the biceps.

SLAP (labrum) Tear - coverage over the glenohumeral joint where the humeral head meets the shoulder socket.

For any issues affecting the side of the shoulder or upper arm, the Side Shoulder Wraps would be the choice. The energy web and gel packs will provide some coverage over the front an back of the shoulder as well.

Important Notes:

  • We highly recommend the add-on purchase of the "Shoulder Sling" when ordering any of our ColdCure Shoulder Products. 
  • The Side Shoulder Wraps will work on both left and right shoulders.
  • The Top Shoulder Wraps are specific to the left or the right shoulder.
  • The effect from BFST treatments are cumulative in nature and multiple daily treatments are often recommended (2 to 4 times per day).
  • The benefits gained from a BFST treatment is over a significantly larger area than the direct treatment area. 

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