Top Shoulder Inferno/BFST Wrap - Left

Top Shoulder Inferno/BFST Wrap - Left

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  • One-Size-Fits-All - comes with 3 different extender straps to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Fits the LEFT shoulder (we have a different wrap for the Right Shoulder)
  • Targeted treatment of Rotator Cuff, Bursitis, Impingement, Arthritis, etc
  • FDA Registered medical device for use in home or clinics - very high quality
  • Greatly enhances healing of tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  • Increases flexibility of tissues (reducing the re-injury factor)
  • Carbon fiber energy web is strong, lightweight, and flexible - contours very easily

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® is an effective treatment device for muscle or soft tissue injuries affecting the top, front or back of the shoulder up into the side of the neck (trapezius area). For those dealing with any rotator cuff muscle or tendon injury (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis), shoulder bursitis, arthritis, shoulder tendinitis, or shoulder impingement - you would select the Top Shoulder BFST Wrap.

Please note: This device treats the LEFT shoulder.

For Treating the RIGHT Shoulder, please CLICK HERE.

This device was previously known as the Inferno Wrap

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® can help you heal and reduce the pain caused by your shoulder injury, tendonitis or chronic soft tissue condition. Consistent conservative treatment with a Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® will stimulate the circulatory system in the shoulder, enhancing blood flow to the area. This powerful diathermy will decrease pain and speed your body's owning healing mechanism. The BFST® treatment is a very powerful therapeutic experience!

  • One Size Fits All
  • Optimal for:
    • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Tendinosis
    • Rotator Cuff Partial Tear
    • Shoulder Post-Surgery Recovery Rehab.
    • Shoulder Arthritis
    • Shoulder Impingement
    • Rotator Cuff Tenosynovitis
    • Labral Tears including SLAP Tears
    • Biceps Tendon Injuries
    • For Bankart Tears and Deltoid Injuries, we recommend use of the Side Shoulder BFST Wrap.

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® will increase natural blood flow in your shoulder and shoulder socket.. Increased Blood Flow enhances your body's natural healing process by delivering oxygen, nutrients and anti-bodies directly to the site of your injury.


A Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® will Greatly Increase Blood Flow from your Shoulder to your Neck and This Will Significantly Increase the Rate of Healing

Shoulder Wrap BFST Inferno Healing

Top Shoulder BloodFlow Stimulation Therapy® Treatments can be used:

  • After swelling and inflammation have been reduced with a Top Shoulder Freezie Wrap®
  • Before exercise or workouts to warm up your shoulder prevent re-injury of the tendons in your shoulder
  • Before and after surgery during rehabilitation to warm up your tissues before physical therapy, exercising or stretching
  • Anytime you feel that your shoulder has stiffened up, is tight, reducing your mobility and causing pain
  • Anytime you have sore or aching soft tissue in your shoulder

..and any other situation where you need to increase blood flow to your shoulder to relax your soft tissue, relieve pain, prevent re-injury and enhance the flexibility of your body!


Top Shoulder BFST Wraps® = The Most Effective Blood Flow Stimulators Available!

Top Shoulder Inferno/BFST Wrap - Left

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® can help you heal and reduce the pain caused by your shoulder injury, tendonitis or chronic soft tissue condition. Consistent conservative treatment with a Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® will stimulate blood flow to soothe your pain and treat damaged tissue - providing an incredible therapeutic experience!

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® is an amazing product that relaxes the soft tissue in your shoulder while reducing pain and speeding up the body's natural healing process. Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ reduces, or even eliminates, the need for potentially harmful medication while it heals your damaged tissue. This therapy can also be used with other conservative treatment methods - like physical therapy, post-surgery rehabilitation, and cold compression with a Top Shoulder Freezie Wrap®.

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® is the only product we know that has been developed specifically to heal soft tissue injury by using Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™. It works unbelievably well! You can be certain there is nothing else like a Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® for complete injury healing.

The incredible healing power provided by our Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® comes highly recommended by physicians, therapists and sports professionals worldwide.


Why you will love your Top Shoulder BFST Wrap®

soft, plush neoprene, maximum breathability, adjustable Velcro closures is total comfort convenience

People everywhere are choosing the BFST Wrap® for home therapy because:

    • it heals your injured tissue, safely and naturally, without medication
    • it heals small tears from daily use to reduce the risk of tendonitis, tendonosis, arthritis and other chronic conditions
    • it increases flexibility & elasticity of soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, muscle)
    • it soothes pain and whisks away toxins
    • it reduces the pain of chronic conditions
    • it can be used before exercise to warm up your shoulder to reduce the risk of injury - Professional athletes use them!
    • it repairs minor tissue damage when used after activity
    • it provides an accelerated healing rate that will save time and money when associated with doctor or physical therapist visits
    • it is an outstanding tool for post-surgery rehabilitation, getting you back to work faster

The BFST Wrap®(previously named the Inferno Wrap®), is an FDA Registered Medical Device and is suitable for use in hospitals and therapeutic clinics.


The Powerful BFST® Healing Advantage

Applying a warming temperature therapy to your shoulder injury can boost your body's natural ability to re-grow tissue needed to heal. Regular Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® treatments can reduce pain and stiffness from scar tissue and increase overall joint flexibility. Increasing blood flow with a Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® will also increase the amount of oxygen that is being sent to your tissue AND your tissue's ability to absorb oxygen.

Energy waves emitted from the Top Shoulder BFST penetrate deep into tissue promoting BFST for faster healing.

Not only that, but increased blood flow whisks away dead or dying cells and any toxins those cells are producing in your shoulder. Getting rid of toxins can help to create a positive healing environment for your tissue. Instead of constantly holding onto toxins in your shoulder, your damaged tissue can now receive tons of blood flow that is rich in oxygen and nutrients. This is the stunning benefit of consistent Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® treatments.

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® Treatment Advantages just keep coming...

According to the trusted medical knowledge of Justus F. Lehmann, M.D. (well-known rehabilitation medicine link), increasing the temperature of soft tissue through the application of a warming therapy will also provide these 7 Truly Amazing Benefits:


Increased Flexibility of Tissue

Top Shoulder BFST Wrap - Right

Warming up tissue before stretching (exercise at home or in a physical therapy clinic) can provide on-going flexibility in your tissue that will continue after the stretch is done. Experiments conducted by medical professionals have shown that applying warm temperature treatments (like the Top Shoulder BFST Wrap®) before stretching range-of-motion exercises can provide lingering flexibility that is beneficial when stretching any of the soft tissue in your shoulder and other soft tissues in that area.

Decreased Joint Stiffness

Medical studies have shown a decrease in joint stiffness after the temperature of injured tissue is increased with a warming temperature therapy compared to the stiffness experienced at a much lower, normal, body temperature.

Relief from Muscle Spasms

Tissue and muscles that have been over-strained or injured can suffer from continuous squeezing in the muscle fibers... This is also known as a muscle spasm or trigger point pain. On-going muscle spasms will decrease blood flow and increase your nerves' sensitivity to pain.

It has been believed for a long time by many medical professionals that a warming treatment like Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ can reduce muscle spasms. Increasing blood flow will stop the cycle of muscle spasms in your shoulder by feeding your muscles enough blood flow to relax.

Control & Reduction of Pain

There are a lot of reasons why you may feel pain in your shoulder... You could be feeling pain from deltoid, trapezius or pec muscle spasms, lack of blood flow to your rotator cuff, and even stress placed on your nerves due to overall stiffness in your shoulder joint. Significant pain relief can be felt from introducing Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ treatments. Increasing the temperature of your shoulder can reduce pain sensation experienced by the nerves in your damaged tissue.

Increased Blood Flow

Using a warming temperature treatment, with a device like the Top Shoulder BFST Wrap®, can produce an increased level of blood flow similar to the amount of blood flow achieved through regular exercise.

Relief of On-going Inflammation

Increased blood flow can take away any remaining built up fluid (edema) and lingering inflammation. This will help to decrease your pain and speed up the healing process.

Treats a Variety of Shoulder Injuries

Warming temperature therapies like BFST® Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® treatments are now becoming a leading edge medical care solution for soft tissue injuries to promote both relief in chronic injuries (tendinitis, tendonosis, bursitis, frozen shoulder or arthritis) and speed up the overall healing process for newer (acute) shoulder injuries.

With BFST® your shoulder is constantly being fed with healing, nutritious, oxygen and energy filled blood. This is exactly what your tendon needs to heal.


Incredible therapy and comfort - all wrapped up in one.

Box Contents of Top Shoulder BFST Wrap

The unique Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® is designed with every detail in mind to give you the most effective and most enjoyable therapeutic experience available anywhere. Here’s Why:

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap®:

  • Plugs into a wall outlet to get the necessary power for consistent therapeutic treatments.
  • Has a special signal controller that can be set for 3 different power levels of application
    (3 = High, 2 = Medium, 1 = Low) with an automatic shut off feature.
  • Has a flexible Energy Web® that conforms to your body like cloth.
  • Has a 7 foot long cord so you can sit or lie comfortably and watch TV, read or surf the net while you're using it.
  • Operates with no sound or vibration or motion.
  • Doesn't require the use of creams or gels.
  • Allows you to simply wrap it loosely around your injury and turn it on.
  • Has adjustable Velcro® straps for a fit that you control to your personal level of comfort.
  • Fits conveniently over or under clothes so you can wear it and carry on with your day.
  • Is made of soft, breathable material with comfort in mind to insulate your warming treatment temperature.
  • Is made of premium, medical grade neoprene that won't stretch out of shape over time.

The BFST Wrap® (previously named Inferno Wrap) is only available at MendMeShop and there is NOTHING on the market like this to soothe your tendon pain and to help your injury heal, we guarantee it!


Speak to your doctor, physical therapist or other trusted medical professional today to see how you can incorporate Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® treatments into your injury recovery process.


What can a Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® Treat?

The Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® promotes healing and/or treats on-going pain and stiffness for:

  • rotator cuff tear
  • superior labral anterior-to-posterior (SLAP) tear
  • shoulder impingement syndrome
  • repetitive stress/strain injury (RSI)
  • post-operative recovery
  • separated shoulder (AC Separation)
  • arthritis pain
  • bursitis (rotator cuff / subacromial bursitis) maintenance
  • shoulder tendonitis
  • rotator cuff tendonitis / tendonosis
  • supraspinatus tendonitis
  • calcific tendonitis
  • dislocated shoulder
  • shoulder instability
  • general shoulder pain
  • other soft tissue shoulder injuries and chronic conditions

Note: For Frozen Shoulder, Deltoid and Bicep Treatments , most Clients find the Side Shoulder BFST Wrap® to be more effective than the Top Shoulder BFST Wrap®.


MendMeShop - Our Reputation Speaks for Itself!

At MendMeShop we offer only the premium quality healthcare products that work, because we want you to feel better. Our business is built on our reputation and we want you to be as satisfied with your MendMeShop experience as tens of thousands of our customers are. That is what your purchase from us will be - an experience. Not only do we supply superior products, MendMeShop Specialists are available to help you get the right products and treatment advice.

Complimentary product and treatment advice throughout your therapy!
An exclusive service, only available to MendMeShop customers.

1 Year Replacement Warranty

You will also have the peace of mind with our 60 day trial period and automatic 1 year warranty. We know making a decision to find the right pain relief and healing products for you can be difficult, especially on-line, and we don't want you to worry. With every product, you have our guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or you get your money back. That's how much we believe in the products we sell!

As an MendMeShop customer you can be confident in your purchase because we offer:

  • Superior products that have been carefully researched and developed to stop your pain naturally and heal you faster.
  • Trained MendMeShop Product and Treatment Specialists available 7 days a week for individualized treatment advice - just call 1-866-237-9608 within Continental North America (+1-705-445-3505 internationally).
  • Our iron-clad 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your BFST Wrap® just send it back for a refund - with no re-stocking fees.
  • Automatic 1 year replacement warranty against defects.
  • Optional extended warranty available.

Our customers love the quick, natural pain relief and you will too.

Our customers love how the BFST Wrap quickly exceeds their expectations, and you will too.

Call for your personal treatment plan.

For more information about our Top Shoulder BFST Wrap®, Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy and how this device will work for you, check out our Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy page on here

Disclaimer: The BFST Wrap® and ColdCure Wrap® products continually undergo stringent testing and improvement by our manufacturer. For this reason, the product you receive may slightly vary from product images shown although we guarantee it will be just as effective (if not better) than the product shown!

Find out more about the Top Shoulder BFST Wrap® by calling our Customer Advisers toll free within Continental North America at 1-866-237-9608, +1-705-445-3505 internationally, or email

5 Stars
Old Rotator Cuff Injured Helped by the BFST Shoulder Wrap
"I am a very active individual. If I am not running or lifting weights you can usually find me doing various outdoor and home improvement projects. I recently started experiencing pain in my shoulder, upper arm and forearm I concluded that I had aggravated an old rotator cuff injury." "Initially I ignored the discomfort, thinking that that would make it magically disappear but, to my disappointment the pain only continued to get worse. After a couple of months of I pain, I decided to do something for myself. I tried stretching exercises, massage, the heating pad and ibprofen but nothing seemed to be helping." "That's when I went online and found the Mend Me Shop and the BFST wrap for the shoulder. When I picked up the package from the post office I was anxious to get started. I was so pleased that after only three days of using the products, I was feeling relief. It's only been a little over a week since I started treatments and I can say that I can once again imagine living without the that constant pain." "Thanks so much for the relief !!!"
Reviewed by:  from Ohio. on 3/21/2017
5 Stars
I Am A Believer In The BFST Shoulder Wrap
I'm reporting into you that the shoulder wrap is working so good. Much of my pain is gone now. I have good movement of the arm and I can raise it up over head now and around to the back. Before I started the treatments I was not able to do these things. I am a believer of your product and I will continue to use it. I went to my Doctor today for my yearly physical and I told her about me ordering this wrap, as I did not want to go through another surgery on the rotator-cuff. I just got done doing my overhead pulley exercises on my arms and then I put on the wrap and it felt so good. I still am being very careful as to not over use the arm. Just thought you would like to hear my progress and I am very happy with the results so far!
Reviewed by:  from Montana. on 3/21/2017
5 Stars
Better Than a Heating Pad
Regular heating pads don't seem to work as well as the BFST Inferno - I would assume due to their lack of penetration. The BFST Wrap is of good benefit at this point. Thanks for a great product.
Reviewed by:  from Washington. on 3/12/2015
5 Stars
Health Practitioner Loves the Shoulder Wrap
As soon as I began using the shoulder product much of the swelling and pain went away. I was impressed because I'm a cynical health practitioner. But it does make total sense to move blood flow to tissue that needs to be repaired. There's really no other way -- except for surgery. And I'm trying to avoid that. I'd say I have another 30-40% of arm use back. Thank you MendMeShop for creating such a simple and effective product.
Reviewed by:  from Maine. on 11/4/2013
4 Stars
Preperation for the Marine Corps.
Great products, they have both helped me out by keeping my body healthy while I get ready for Marine corps boot camp. Thanks again!
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 10/1/2016
5 Stars
Very Well Made Product
I wanted to get back to you with feedback about the BFST/Inferno Wrap. So far we are very pleased with the size, light weight, flexibility and comfort of the wrap. It is very convenient the way the cord is set up. If one has to leave the area for a moment it is much easier now because instead of removing the entire wrap or unplugging the whole thing from the wall, you can just detach at the segment. I like the on/off switch, too. It is much easier to see which setting it is on. Everything about this new product seems more intelligent and user friendly. Well done to all involved!!!
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 3/30/2017
4 Stars
Better Movement and Less Pain - Thank To Your Shoulder Wraps
Over the past eight months I have been suffering from shoulder and arm pain. I just kept thinking that the pain would go away on its own. When I reached the point where I was unable to raise my arm over my head without assistance and forget about putting my arm behind my back. I decided that a trip to the doctor was due. She ruled out that I had a tear to the Rotator Cuff itself and determined that I had a soft tissue injury. Due to repetitive movement and heavy lifting. She suggested that I try physical therapy. With my work schedule and family obligations I knew that was going to be very difficult and I wanted something that I could fit into my schedule. So I began doing research on the internet for alternative treatments and exercises. That's when I found your product on the internet. I was somewhat skeptical as to rather it would perform as stated, but decided to give it a try. It was stated that it could take up to three weeks to feel results. BUT I am here to say that for myself it has done better. I have been using the ColdCure Freezie Wrap for a week and have already felt some improvement. I can now raise my arm to just about shoulder height unassisted, and can now almost get my finger tips back behind my back. I make a point of using the ColdCure Wrap as soon as I get home from work to relieve the stress to my muscles from work and to keep the inflammation down. Now that I have gotten some of the inflammation gone I intend to incorporate the BFST Shoulder Wrap treatment to my regiment to just before going bed to aid the healing process and aid in a better night's sleep.
Reviewed by:  from Washington. on 8/2/2016
5 Stars
We Use Multiple BFST Wraps in Our Home
I wanted to write another review and rave about the BFST Inferno Wrap. I received both the cold and hot wraps last week. After using the wraps about 6 times now i can already tell a big difference with the soreness. You guys are the best!!!
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 12/10/2016
5 Stars
Repeat Customer Loves the BFST / Inferno Wraps
I tore my rotator cuff and had major reconstructive surgery and 1 year of rehab. Over the years I have stiffness and the Shoulder BFST wrap has helped to maintain range of motion. I also use the knee Inferno wrap consistently it makes a difference. I need a knee replacement but because of my weight issues I can't get the surgery. The wrap gives me much relief. In addition, I have the BFST Wrap for the back and I can't say enough. Wonderful. Not only that, my sister has planter fasciitis she used the foot wrap consistently for several months, now she only needs to use periodically. I love and use all the products I have purchased and would recommend to all.
Reviewed by:  from California. on 6/1/2016
5 Stars
Solved my 10 year Shoulder Ordeal
I have had a shoulder tendonitis for like 10 years - I guess they call it tendonosis when its this long. But hands down it (the Shoulder BFST wrap) does help and I'm actually able to sleep on my left side with no pain now - after 4 month use 3 times a day. I hope anyone with same pain can i had can get the same results.
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 7/18/2015
4 Stars
Will Use The BFST Wrap on other part of the body
My BFST Inferno Wrap is absolutely perfectly designed, and absolutely perfectly works as advertised. My first-20 minute treatment tells it all: from the get-go, provided relief, and unquestionable will keep doing the same on the other parts of my injured body. Also, thank you for your patience, as I unloaded my many questions on you.
Reviewed by:  from New York. on 11/5/2015
5 Stars
The Best Service by Far!
The service from the Mend Me Shop is by far the best you could ever hope for. I have spoken to Paul on numerous occasions and his knowledge is very much appreciated. Do not hesitate to order from this company. Their products are made well and work. Their customer service is the best you could ever hope for.
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 8/1/2016
4 Stars
Shoulder BFST Wrap Review - Makes My Rotator Cuff Pain Manageable
I love this wrap and it's helping already. This is the one thing that makes the rotator cuff pain manageable! I'm grateful and I stand by this 100%!
Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 3/21/2017
5 Stars
Fully Healed After Using the Shoulder BFST Wrap
In 2014 i was diagnosed with shoulder tendonitis. My doctor offered me cortisone which I declined as it weakens the soft tissue. He wanted me to go to Physical therapy which I also declined as I could not afford to go. I did get him to print off some range of motion stretches for me to do at home as I had limited range of motion. I found MendMeShop's web site and ordered the left shoulder BFST wrap. It is a blood flow stimulation device which can be used for different conditions. I found it easy to put on and it can be worn over your clothing. It is a plug in so you have to be sitting close to a wall outlet when using. It has a temperature controller with 3 settings and it shuts off after 20 minutes. I liked that feature as I generally fell asleep with it on. One thing I did not do was read the instructions which I wish I had because it says to start on the low setting. The first time I used it barely felt warm so i jumped right to the highest setting. I was fine while using it, but afterwards, my shoulder was more aggravated than when I started. I called MendMeShop to actually return the device and spoke to Paul. I was frustrated at this point. He explained that when you have moderate inflammation you should be starting on the low setting and that you might not even be able to do a full 20 minute treatment. He told me to take a few days off to let my shoulder settle down and then try 10 minutes on the low setting. So I did what I was told and he was right - I had used it on too high of a setting to start. I used the wrap three times a day and did some light range-of-motion stretches twice a day. After 4 weeks, I had noticed was the pain that radiated down to my hand had gone away. So I knew something good was happening. I continued treatments and by 9 weeks I was fully healed, no more pain and full range of motion. My right shoulder had started hurting because it was being used more , so I laid the energy web over the right shoulder after treating my left. Happy to say both shoulders are well and i am so thankful I came across this device.
Reviewed by:  from Ontario. on 2/24/2015
5 Stars
Pro Boxer Reviews our Shoulder Wraps
As a professional athlete, my body takes a lot of abuse during training. Boxing is very strenuous on the arms and shoulders and I have had a rotator cuff injury for the past two years. The shoulders don’t get a lot of blood flow, so injuries don’t heal properly on their own. The injury had gotten so bad, I thought I might have to retire from the ring. Then I started using the Shoulder BFST Wrap and the ColdCure Wrap every day. I use the BFST Wrap before my workouts to relax and loosen up the muscles in my shoulder and increase the circulation. After a hard training session (sometimes up to 3 hours), I use the Coldcure Wrap to deal with any remaining inflammation. My shoulder has felt better in the past two months than it has in the past two years! I highly recommend both of these products.
Reviewed by:  from Oregon. on 3/25/2017
5 Stars
Helped My Rotator Cuff Tear
I had a rotor cuff tear and needed surgery. I purchased an Inferno BFST shoulder wrap. I used it every day for several months and did my exercises for the shoulder. My rotor cuff healed. I never had surgery. This was 4 years ago and my shoulder still feels good. I golf twice a week with no problems. It is worth trying out before having surgery
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 5/14/2015
5 Stars
Helping To Avoid Surgery For Now
I recently had surgery on my shoulder in January of this year to shave down the bone to leave enough space for my shoulder joint to work. It seemed to be healing slowly, until I probably re-injured it trying to cut down a small tree. I went back to my Orthopedic Surgeon for my follow up and had to have a cortisone shot in June. The shot lasted until September and had another shot October 26 with a warning from the Dr that if I couldn't get any better through therapy, I would have to have the full surgery with my tendons and muscles sewn up to the top of my Rotator Cuff. So I did some research and kept coming up with the MendMeShop Shoulder BFST Inferno Wrap. I printed all the material and showed it to my surgeon and he said to try it if I think it will help me. I received it in 2 days. The next day I did a few 60 minute sessions and I could feel my muscles ache a little bit, but NO PAIN . This BFST Wrap is incredible and is worth every penny. I am on Disability so I can't afford to waste a penny, but this purchase is becoming a lifesaver for me.
Reviewed by:  from Massachusettes. on 10/16/2015
4 Stars
A Lot More Shoulder Movement
The Shoulder products I ordered from you seem to help and I am glad to have them. I don't use the BFST as often as I should - but it has relaxed the shoulder and I have a lot more movement. Thanks for your help. I am telling others of your products.
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 4/6/2017
5 Stars
Shoulder Did Not Start Healing Until I Began using the BFST Wrap
I fell down on ice last March, hit my left shoulder on the ground pretty hard and stirred up an old injury that hadn't bothered me for twenty years. I was in a great deal of pain and tried everything I could think of that might help. I only found temporary relief from the pain. It wasn't until I began using your Shoulder BFST Inferno Wrap that I truly began to heal and the pain slowly began to subside. I still use the Wrap daily to maintain the healing and progress I've made. Do I dare confess...I love the Wrap so much that I will definitely buy another one. The Back Wrap will be my next purchase from you. I mean this whole-heartedly - thank you for the Wrap! I am also pleased with your customer service. Dealing with you was a pleasure. You really do care about your customers! I am delighted and impressed with your product and your people.
Reviewed by:  from Wyoming. on 9/10/2016

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