Nurse Practitioner Benefiting from The Plantar Inferno Wraps

Posted by on 7/12/2017 to MendMeShop Reviews
Nurse Practitioner Benefiting from The Plantar Inferno  Wraps
I received the Freezie wrap on Friday and used it Saturday evening after walking on my treadmill. The combination of exercise and using the wrap after the session worked wonders. I woke up this morning and did not have the pain in my left heel that I have been experiencing for about 6 months. 

I also use the Inferno wrap - it works well. I use the Inferno Wrap in the evening - it is very comforting. I believe the combination of regular exercise, the deep heat and the cold may cure the plantar fasciitis. I had this condition several years ago that resolved in about 6 weeks. However, this time it has lasted months, perhaps because I was not exercising regularly. This is the first morning I have not had any pain. 

As a Nurse Practitioner, I wholeheartedly endorse the heat and freezer wraps for plantar fasciitis and possible for other types of foot pain. Thanks so much for these wonderful products.